Generally, EXE files created with Delphi are larger than EXE files created with another programming language. The reason is the VCL. (Sure, VCL has many advantages...)


There are several ways to reduce a EXE's size:


01) Use a EXE-Packer (UPX, ASPack,...)

02) Use KOL.

03) Write your application without VCL

04) Use the ACL (API Controls Library)

05) Use StripReloc.

06) Deactivate remote debugging information and TD32.

07) You might want to put code in a dll.

08) Don't put the same images several times on a form. Load them at runtime.

09) Use compressed images (JPG and not BMP)

10) Store less properties in DFM files

(See Link below "How To Make Your EXE's Lighter")


11) Use the TStringList replacement by ~LOM~

Use the Minireg - TRegistry replacement by Ben Hochstrasser